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My focus for 2015 is to help us build healthier realtionships. 

I am excited  about my completed Video series "5 Pillars to Living Spiritually" available on my youtube channel, my upcoming book"Learning to Love Again- All You Need to Know About Abusive and Toxic Relationships", as well as my volunteer work in women's shelters, my yoga classes in either my home studio in Westmount, or your work place in Montreal. 

I look forward to sharing this all with you and lots more....




                        Nicky's Consciousness Yoga Tips

1. Breath and stay present: Deep and rhythmic breathing will prevent you from running away with your thoughts, getting discouraged, or overwhelmed.

2. Coordinate breath with movement: Find a pace that works for you.

3. Listen and adjust: Listen to the signs your body sends and make any adjustments you need to feel safe and comfortable.

4. Enjoy and balance: Balance comfort with tension and explore your edge, or luxuriate in your favourite stretch.

5. Mix it up and add variety: Experiment with different teachers, schools of yoga, and then altrnate between gentle, moderate, and vigorous sessions

....and above all be kind, loving, and accepting of where you are.

To learn more about my yoga classes and workshops, send me an email at



Learning to Love Again- All you need to know about Abusive and Toxic Relationships" - Available 2015

"Stepping into Consciousness- A Guide to Living a Life of Joy, Meaning, and Abundance" . Available on

"The Power of Letting Go: How to Heal Yourself and the World"- Available on

To receive a signed copy with a personal blessing- email me directly at



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Volunteer Yoga Classes: Empowering Women through Yoga, kindness, and love

- Chez Doris: on Wednesdays from 1 to 2.30pm

- Native Women's Shelter of Montreal: on Thursdays from 1 to 2.30pm

- Private or Group Classes in my home studio in Westmount: $100/hour. My classes combine yoga, meditation, individual assists, energy and, breath work.

- Corporate Yoga. Allow me to design a program to suit the needs of your employees and the goals of your organization. Choose between classes that focus on yoga, meditation, mindfulness/relaxation skills, or any combination thereof. 

Contact me at or 514 824 8510 to receive a brochure or schedule a class 


Online Program

Click Here to learn more about my program "How to Live Spiritually and Consciously Today"

Module 1: Awaken

Module 2: Aligh

Module 3: Ignite

Module 4: Soar

About Me

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My articles have been published with Huffington Post, Expert Beacon and Third Age.








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As you bring in the light and evolve your consciousness, yoga and meditation are the perfect companions on the path to transformation....

Connect to your breath...Open your heart...Notice where you are...Sense where you are going...Command your body...Ignite your passion...Observe your thoughts...Unburden your  mind...Savor the moment....Neutralize all doubt....Explore your edge...Surrender to love...Seduce your Spirit. 

                                                          C O N S C I O U S N E S S




Alicia Lorente- Artist and Loving Mother 

"Nicky's guidance came at the perfect time. It was exactly what I needed to hear and was an accurate and perceptive reflection of my current situation. I had my first healing session with Nicky in 2007 and Nicky's integrity, talent, and passion for being of service and bringing light to the world has never faltered. Thank you for helping me further see where I am and where I need to go in life to continue living my full potential." December 2013

Jami Liverman- Chef and Owner of Catered by Jami 
"The spiritual mentoring and coaching I received from Nicky has dramatically improved my health and stress levels. Where I used to shun yoga in favor of a more aerobic and vigorousworkout, I now have a daily practice that includes yoga and meditation. I feel much more centered, and have much more confidence in my ability to trust my own wisdom. My irregular heartbeat and anxiety attacks are significantly reduced and I have finally come to terms with my father’s death. My life is beginning to really flow and I am so excited to see what lies ahead…thank you!" October 2013 

Jami Liverman
Monica Stephens Busy Mother On the Go

"Two years ago I began a regular yoga routine, primarily for the physical workout. I had very little yoga experience and was nervous about trying something new. Nicky’s yoga was just what I needed! I got the physical workout I needed, but I also received a side benefit I had not anticipated or even thought I needed. I learned to relax and "step-away" from myself and the craziness life. Thanks Nicky, I could not have done it without you!" Fall, 2012

Nicky Rolland

David Benjamin Retired Engineer

"After years of extreme sports, I knew my body and my mind needed something completely different. To my delight, I found it in my first Yoga class with Nicky. With her calm demeanor and easy-to-follow instructions I quickly became addicted to my bi-weekly practice. In the past year, my increased core strength and flexibility has helped me improve my tennis play, biking and skiing. Go for it!" Fall, 2012

David Benjamin
Wendy Wayling Librarian

" I have been taking yoga classes with Nicky for 2.5 years. I look forward to her classes every week! Not only have I become physically stronger and more flexible, but I feel more spiritually aware. Nicky loves to challenge us while, at the same time, keeping us focused on what is important in life. Her yoga classes have definitely improved my well being. Thanks for your generosity and caring attitude Nicky!" fall 2012

Wendy Wayling
Lys Hugessen Non-Profit manager

"I have been doing yoga for 13 years and have worked with a wide range of teachers. Nicky is one of my favourites! she engages the class with physical and spiritual challenges while showing a gentle empathy and understanding of individual needs. Nicky makes good use of music and chants to help set the mood and even provides scented eye pillows during shavasana. Nicky's classes are a good workout and are somehow relaxing at the same time." Fall 2011

Lys Hugessen
Benn Mikula Merchant Banker

Three years ago I decided to move beyond the basic yoga workout I had been using for stretching. Nicky’s private yoga classes incorporate breathing, meditation and mindfulness. These add greatly to the depth and value of a the yoga workout, and one feels much more present and grounded at the end. The privates I had with Nicky were the perfect complement to the weekly power yoga exercise classes I do at the gym. The breathing exercises alone transformed my yoga practice". Fall, 2012

Benn Mikula
Odette Nadeau Librarian

"A year and a half ago, I joined Nicky's class and my practice changed...I would describe Nicky's class as a breath of fresh air. Something happens during her class - everyone seems to get in tune, happy and it is amazing how she naturally spreads peace and enjoyment of yoga in her 1 hour with us. She is very generous and cares for each student- making sure that the practice suits every level. Noone feels inadequate in her class. I feel so calm and at peace after her class. She is a precious teacher who cares and has added so much to my yoga practice." Fall, 2011

Odette Nadeau

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